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WindmillPitchers.Com is a site dedicated to helping athletes find their perfect fastpitch pitching coach.  Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To provide a place for all coaches to advertise whether they are an individual or company; whether they are a part time or full time coach; and whether they have a facility or don’t.  This is a place where coaches can advertise their services, be reviewed, and find a host of athletes to train.
  2. This is where a pitcher can find their perfect coach, not the one everyone else is using, but someone who meshes with them seamlessly and takes them to                                      the next level.

A fastpitch pitching coach is a completely personal and individual thing and can make the difference between a good or great pitcher.  Too often the fastpitch softball community can be small in each city or town and everyone seems to use the same coach, even if that coach is not perfect for each individual pitcher.  This site helps to broaden the search as your perfect coach could be a current collegiate pitcher or someone who has been pitching for 40 years. This is the place to find the perfect coach for you!

Good Luck on your search and please remember these additional tips:

  • Background Check your chosen coach
  • Verify references and credentials
  • Have an adult present at all sessions