WindMillPitchers.com is a site dedicated to pairing fastpitch softball pitchers with a pitching coach.


Each pitcher is unique and deserves a coach that brings them to their full potential and sometimes that coach is not the one everyone in the area is using.  The fast pitch softball community can be narrow in communities and everyone tends to use the same coach, which can be a detriment to some pitchers.  We are dedicated to helping you find the coach that is perfect for you.  Your coach could be anyone from a 40 year veteran to a current softball pitcher, so keep an open mind and have an initial session to see if a coach works well with you and shares your philosophy on pitching.


We also want to give Windmill pitching coaches a place to advertise their services whether they coach full time with their own facilities or coach part time and need to meet you at a field. Coaches can advertise their services, achievements and requirements here to reach a broader audience. Additionally, reviews can be submitted to further solidify your aptitude as a coach.

To submit your name to be listed on the Directory, please click Here, you will need to register by creating a user name and password.  Then click on Search Listing Here and then click on Submit a Listing.  You will be able to create a detailed profile here.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

There are many coaches out there, you don’t have to settle for what everyone else is doing, you deserve to find the perfect coach for you!  Take a look and find your coach today.